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Go green and save the ecosystem for future generations

Going green is the need of the hour. If you want to ensure your children and their children live a healthy life free of disease then you need to take the necessary steps for protecting the environment. All of us have read in our primary school books the importance of greenery in cleansing the air and about many human activities which are deteriorating the natural balance. But why do we forget them as we grow up. C’mon make up your mind and go green.

The necessary changes to be made:

Reduce the use of paper and learn to recycle

Trees are a boon to human kind and make the environment clean in a number of ways so don’t you think the first step of change in your living lifestyle should focus on protecting these trees? Want to know how? It is pretty simple. Reduce the use of paper because the timber required to make them comes from trees. In this world of electronic and digital devices, the use of paper can be reduced if one decides and even if you have to use the paper for some important work, don’t forget to recycle.

Make a compost pit in your backyard

Another eco friendly change that you can make in your daily life is, setting up a compost pit. It is huge trend in America these days and if you are a gardening lover, you can use this compost to grow organic food in your backyard. All you need to do is dig a pit and put the vegetable waste in it on a daily basis. Bacteria are going to eat that up and give you fertile manure for your garden.

Energy use cut down at your home

Don’t you think this is a double benefit way of reducing load on your pocket by decreasing your electricity bill and definitely decreasing the load on the Mother Earth. You can start with adapting some good habits like switching off the light and the fan each time you leave the room, even if it is for a small duration. Unplug all the electrical appliances in your home when they are not in use. Next time you need to change your bulb, go for a CFL or LED bulb.

Use old clothes as rugs for kitchen cleaning

Don’t order a large pile of paper towel every time you plan a party at your home for the after cleaning. Why don’t you use your old tees or your faded shirt to do that chore? So now you see how easy it is to go eco friendly? It is not like you have to do big tasks. The solution lies in your home and you just have to get enlightened.

Use of eco-friendly personal care products

There are many products that you use in daily life which contain harmful chemicals that are detrimental to your health as well as damaging to the environment. A small change made in buying these products from a place which produces them organically will be a gift to the nature. Daily products like baby care products, home décor, jewellery, personal care products can be bought from our website that focuses on making each product totally chemical free and harmless. You can still buy them at an affordable price.

So, stop thinking and start making these small changes to go green because they are easy and your way of expressing gratitude to the Mother Nature.

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Drubbing by the society

Hey, Guys! Here I am! Let’s continue where I left. This post is not only to educate you all about the notorious chronic back pain, but my purpose of writing here goes beyond the physical implications of this problem. I want to talk about the social and emotional atrocities that came along, just because I am a “girl” born and brought up in the Indian Society.

I will come to all those things but first, let me scribble down what actually happened with me medically. So, we were planning for the New year eve, but that day, my best friend (who is a radiologist), advised me to get an MRI scan done. She told me she was suspecting something serious and that had to be addressed right then. I didn’t take her seriously and threw a party at my home the same night.

That night I experienced the most serious symptoms which are associated with such chronic back pains. I had an excruciating pain in the right leg and lower back in the evening. I still ignored it and went for cooking and dancing. My body could not take this attitude anymore and there it was. The worst scenario! Within no time, during that party, I was limping and gradually my gait changed. I was no more standing straight and I could not.

I could not sit and I could not lie down. Havoc had struck and that was when we (me and my husband) took it seriously. He was very scared and I was dying inside.

Scared and shattered, we passed the night and went for that much stalled MRI scan in the morning. After those  20 minutes of claustrophobic experience, my life took an overturn and I was smashed with a diagnosis of Acute Disc Prolapse ( Slip Disc).

If I would try to explain that moment, it would be a mistake. Because I can’t! I felt a torpedo had come and taken my soul away. I stood there lifeless. Because, for me, life was all about traveling, engaging in scary adventures, packing my stuff and go for wild excursions but all this had to stop now. And maybe forever. I was very scared. And here is another reason why?

It was not only because the doctor advised an immediate surgery but because this was a Spine Surgery. At the back of my mind, I knew my roots. Will the society approve of it? Can I actually get a risky Spine Surgery done at this age? Yes, according to my doctor. A Big No! Society says.

I will continue where I left in my next post. Looking forward to your responses.



Life after a spine surgery

Hey guys! I have been thinking of posting about this personal journey for so long but i was actually not sure what i myself feel. Now that its been two years i have a better perspective to share.

Are you having chronic back pain? Do you often come back home after a long day office work with excruciating back pain? If it is so, then you should consider getting an MRI done. The funny thing they say about MRI’s is that they will definitely bring out a problem hailing right there.

But let me tell you a timely diagnosis can help you big time. Do not always listen to people who say it’s gonna be alright. Take out some time for yourself and go get a check up done. And i am not saying that listen to me, but after reading my following post, make your own perspective

So, let me come back to my story. I was 27 when around the new year time i started experiencing a weird tingling sensation in my right leg. It was like the devil is pulling my nerve at the back of my knee everytime i bend down to pick something up. I got really scared and mentioned it to my friends and my husband. Initially no body gave much heed and all of us, i mean my friends planned our new year’s eve. 

We were all very excited. Booking hotels! Planning new year theme party! We girls were all busy in selecting the perfect dresses for the eve to make our husbands go awestruck. 

I forgot to tell you i am a specialist pediatric dentist. This is relevant because firstly this is the reason i am writing on this topic today. How? Because they say dentist’s bend a lot and ,me being a child dentist, bend even more. So, that’s one reason and the other one is that because i am from a medical field i have a lot of friends in this field.

So, you must be thinking i might have been diagnosed early?? Read my next post to find out… I would tell you about all the proceedings, treatment plans mentioned, surgery and post surgical experience and about today…. How i feel now about this whole thing. . Eager to know your responses about my first post..