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Colors of Bali

Hey all! I know you must be as much excited to read this post as I am to share it with you! Yeah! You guessed it right. It’s about my recent trip to Bali which is quoted better as ” The Beautiful Bali”. It is completely justified to call it pristine, serene and beautiful and I would like to share all the aspects of this Bali trip. Bali is a place well suited for both the honeymooners who want to snuggle under the sheets feeling like free birds in a beautiful place and for the party animals who would roam about careless on the open roads and drive in the middle of the night just to feel ecstatic. I loved it for both reasons… I had a wonderful time with the love of my life. The beauty of this place is magnetic and fires up the hidden emotions in you. Mind it! These can be the bubbly emotions and you might become a child again screaming out loud on top of a cliff waving at the far away sun setting across the ocean or the sensual ones which forces you to live your honeymoon period again…giggles! So, let me explain a bit about how to get there. We had booked through MMT but I would not recommend it at all. We had a lot of problems dealing with the MMT team as there is no way you can call them. There is one customer care helpline where each time you call, a different person picks up the phone. After an endless questioning of the details of the trip, they transfer the call and there it goes all over again. So, you should try to book the trip through another portal or maybe yourself. The flight is long. Booking a flight in a late hour is a good idea. You can sleep and pass the time. There is usually a stopover at Kuala Lumpur which is short. And then after a 3 hour flight you finally see the amazing view out from your windows. Just do not miss the window seat! We stayed in Kuta central park on the first day. It is a nice hotel with an amazing pool and bar which is accessible from the pool. You can sit on the stools inside the pool and have a drink.

We had a few drinks at the bar and headed towards the beach. Kuta beach and Legian beach are nearby. The beaches in Bali are very clean and are every surfer’s dream come true because of their waves. At night we went to the famous Shisha bar, which is a mystical place. Why? Because as soon as you enter, you get confused whether you are in Bali or Dubai? The interiors are done with an Arabic theme and they even have a Belly dancing event on Saturdays.

Belly dancing at Shisha cafe Shisha cafe Day 2 We were greeted by our dearest and coolest guide Giri. He was the coolest because of his true dedication to his profession. He made every effort to make the day wonderful for us. And that is another amazing thing about Bali. Everyone in Bali puts there complete effort to make you happy if you go there. We had a city tour that day which started with a Barung dance, a chapter from the famous Mahabharat that we could not understand much. But it was surely entertaining and we could see the complex hand moments that were a part of the dance The famous Barong This day was hectic but eventful and tehn we went to a local craftsmanship area where we say handmade jewellery, wooden paintings and cloth. The best part of the day started when we visited this a local tea farm where we had CATPOOCHINO. It is the local Luwak coffee. Want to know why is special? Because it is made from cat’s poo. Yay! You read it right. Actually, the Luwak cat does not have a digestive system to alter the coffee beans which it ingests and they come out in the cat’s poo. These are then brewed to make the famous Luwak coffee. We made our own coffee! Mystery of CATPOOCHINO Flavoured coffee and tea After that our guide took us to a beautiful dining table in the moddle of a serene view to taste flavored tea and coffee. It included turmeric tea, mangosteen, rosella tea and coconut coffee, Balinese spiced coffee, etc. I even bought the coconut coffee and lemongrass tea which are ready to make. You just need to add water to it. We even saw this amazing plant there. Look at the picture below! Doesn’t it look like teddy bears growing on a plant… So, now I know where do teddy’s come from?.. haha So, this trip was long and I think I should write about the next days in my future posts if you like this one. Let me know through your comments if you want to know about the following days.

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Go green and save the ecosystem for future generations

Going green is the need of the hour. If you want to ensure your children and their children live a healthy life free of disease then you need to take the necessary steps for protecting the environment. All of us have read in our primary school books the importance of greenery in cleansing the air and about many human activities which are deteriorating the natural balance. But why do we forget them as we grow up. C’mon make up your mind and go green.

The necessary changes to be made:

Reduce the use of paper and learn to recycle

Trees are a boon to human kind and make the environment clean in a number of ways so don’t you think the first step of change in your living lifestyle should focus on protecting these trees? Want to know how? It is pretty simple. Reduce the use of paper because the timber required to make them comes from trees. In this world of electronic and digital devices, the use of paper can be reduced if one decides and even if you have to use the paper for some important work, don’t forget to recycle.

Make a compost pit in your backyard

Another eco friendly change that you can make in your daily life is, setting up a compost pit. It is huge trend in America these days and if you are a gardening lover, you can use this compost to grow organic food in your backyard. All you need to do is dig a pit and put the vegetable waste in it on a daily basis. Bacteria are going to eat that up and give you fertile manure for your garden.

Energy use cut down at your home

Don’t you think this is a double benefit way of reducing load on your pocket by decreasing your electricity bill and definitely decreasing the load on the Mother Earth. You can start with adapting some good habits like switching off the light and the fan each time you leave the room, even if it is for a small duration. Unplug all the electrical appliances in your home when they are not in use. Next time you need to change your bulb, go for a CFL or LED bulb.

Use old clothes as rugs for kitchen cleaning

Don’t order a large pile of paper towel every time you plan a party at your home for the after cleaning. Why don’t you use your old tees or your faded shirt to do that chore? So now you see how easy it is to go eco friendly? It is not like you have to do big tasks. The solution lies in your home and you just have to get enlightened.

Use of eco-friendly personal care products

There are many products that you use in daily life which contain harmful chemicals that are detrimental to your health as well as damaging to the environment. A small change made in buying these products from a place which produces them organically will be a gift to the nature. Daily products like baby care products, home décor, jewellery, personal care products can be bought from our website that focuses on making each product totally chemical free and harmless. You can still buy them at an affordable price.

So, stop thinking and start making these small changes to go green because they are easy and your way of expressing gratitude to the Mother Nature.